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Kakadu National Park

Northern Territory, Australia

We have now bought a new camera as our old one was unfixable, which is why we have now only managed to take pictures and update the site and why we have no pics of Darwin. But here it is

After a two and a half hour flight from Bali to Darwin, we landed with a local time of 4:30am. Throughout both airports we mustve been through around 25 gates ranging from customs, quarantine, immigration, visas, luggage search, and around 10 other security checks. All worth it i suppose.

Our introduction into the Australian hostel life was not necessarily the best. We spent our first night in the bunk bed of a dorm with people coming in and out all the time, not forgetting the cleaner who woke us up a number of times.

We spent the first three days looking into campervans, buying or renting etc. etc. which was a hassle all by itself but eventually we managed to buy one that is perfect for us. We call it the Mystery Machine 2. Bought off an old Aussie couple it has only done 280,000 km and still going strong!


As soon as this was all sorted we hit the road and arrived in Kakadu National Park the next day.



Where they filmed Crocodile Dundee, Kakadu National Park is the 2nd largest national park in the world, covering 20,000sq/km.

Unfortunately after a the recent cyclone Tracy which hit the northern territory, many of the areas of the park were closed and the roads innaccessible after being flooded. And anywhere there is water there are crocodiles, with signs like this around everywhere, and the fact that there are thousands in the park, we decided to skip these bits.


Main areas included waterfalls, 20,000 year old aboriginal rock art sites, bush walks and most impressive landscapes and sunsets.










The bonus about having a campervan is that we can cook all our own food and not have to choose from a menu consisting only of rice, noodles or pancakes. Weve been staying in and around the camp sites in Kakadu and we had our first barbie yesterday.



Onto Katherine next

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After Kintamani came back down to Kuta and after a few days rented a moped to to the top end of the island. We went to Lovina, which after the bombings was really quiet and there wasnt an awful lot to do apart from the sunrise dolphin watching trip. This saw us get up at 5 again to climb into a boat barely made out of two bits of wood but the dolphins were awesome and well worth it. We saw almost 100 in total but our camera had to break so we havent got any pictures of Lovina and/or the dolphins.

Back down to Kuta for the third time for a few days before our flight to Darwin. We did much of the same but i decided to try my hand at surfing, for which Bali is known for and the reason most of the Aussies come here. Had a 1hr lesson and then rented the board for the next few hours. Absolutely loved it though and would recommend but again no photos as no-one in Bali was able to fix our camera.

For anyone who knows Judge Jules, he was due to DJ at one of the biggest clubs in Bali but pulled out at the last minute which left up a bit dissapointed but he got replaced by Stephan K who i thought was just as good. Pics from when camera was working:



Memorial from 2002 Bali bombing in the Sairee club in Kuta, killing nearly 200 people.


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We hired a jeep from Kuta and travelled up to the northen end of the island. And before you say anything, i know its a hairdressers car.


3000m up, the area of Kintamani has two main volcanoes, Gnung Batur and Gnung Agung. We stayed in the town of Toyah Bunkah at the base of the Batur volcano. We had read that the treks to the top are definately worth doing and this was part of the main reason to come here. But we were never told that we had to drag our sorry arses out of bed at 3:30, start at 3:45 and trek for 2hrs to reach the freezing cold summit for sunrise at 6am. But it was worth it to see the view from the top.



View from our room





On the way to Kintamani


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We spent two days in Ubud, which is around 50km north of Kuta, but seems a million miles away as its so different. We went to the monkey forest which was quite amusing, where the monkeys will steal anything that is not tied to you or bolted down.




We saw a traditional Balinese dance in a temple in the evening which as this osrt of thing goes was ok. The best part was when one of the scenes went wrong when a man tripped over a wire or something and ended up knocking himself out and had to be carried away.




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We arrived in Bali on the 10th after a two and a half hour flight from Singapore. We went straight to Kuta beach and stayed here for around 5 nights, spending most of the time on the beach during the day and in the bars at night. The place is like Spain for the Aussies and there are more here per square mile than anywhere weve been.



We rented a moped and went to Nusa Dua, apparently the more espensive area of Bali with more package holiday resorts, but the beaches there were cool.


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