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Ko Phi Phi

Phi Phi Don


Phi Phi Leh - Maya Bay - Where 'The Beach' was filmed


We all decided to take the trip from Phuket to the Phi Phi islands for one or two days to see Maya Bay and also the surrounding areas of Phi Phi Don. Both Stephen and myself have been here before the tsunami and was interesting to see after. They have done a hell of a job to get it fixed up and the tourists back in but there are noticable changes such as whole areas where bungalows were are missing and other areas have been wiped out.

I dont travel on boats very well and as we'd had one or two the night before i was a little green on the trip from Phuket to Phi Phi but managed to get there without making a mess.

We decided to go out as you do and sample some of the local buckets which after a couple we were all feeling it. We then went watch some Thai boxing and there anyone could fight in the ring against another amateur to win a few drinks. So in my intoxicated state i decided to go ahead but instead of fighting in the ring i got into a fight with a Welsh bloke next to the bar and left with him in a state. Anyway to cut a long story short we bumped into them after they arrived in Ko Lanta and by pure coincidence they chose the same place as us. We sorted everything out and shook hands and they turned out to be sound as a pound. Not only that but it turned out that me and the bloke managed to pick up one of each others flip flops and we were both walking around with odd ones on all day. Needless to say, after swapping back, we all had a good laugh about it.



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Patong Beach


I have been to Patong before but on a package deal staying in a fairly expensive hotel, but i wasnt much help when looking for budget accommodation but unfortunately there isnt really any such thing in Patong due to the kind of place it is, attracting the western package holidayers again. But as we were meeting my mate Steve, we found a place off the bach that was just about affordable.

Patong is often confused with Patpong in Bangkok not only because of the similarities of the name but also because of the sex, drugs and alcohol. Patong is a haven for ladyboys, ladygirls and everything in between which is i guess why some people come over. We of course steered clear of all of this area. We spent the majority of the time on the beaches and also Stephen and myself rented mopeds then something with a little more poke for a bit of fun.


I dont remember this photo being taken






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Hat Ton Sai Beach



Krabi turned out to be an unexpected place for us as we were using it as a jump off point to Phuket and only planning on staying a few nights but ended up staying almost a week, but this was partly due to us organising our time around my mate Steve who was due to meet us in Phuket.

We turned up in Rai Leh beach in Krabi where a longtail boat dropped us off. We were told by the bus company that took us into Krabi town that we could get to Hat Ton Sai beach by a short walk from the drop off point. This turned out to be just one of the many lies weve been told by people, especially travel agents, to get our business. It turned out that we couldve walked round a cove in the sea which shouldve only come to our ankles but of course when we got there, the tide was high so we ended up trekking up one of the steepest hills weve seen followed by a 2 mile trek through the jungle then we had to climb down the hill the other side. Needless to say that we were relieved when we arrived to find a cool, hippy backpackers beach with chilled out bars and Bob Marley blasting out of most of the speakers.

This area of Krabi is also known for rock climbing which I had a crack at whilst Servane sunned herslef up on the beach. Although i really enjoyed doing it and i felt that i achieved something, rock climbing gave me an appreciation of two things, heights and terra firma, having opted to stay on the latter for the foreseeable future.






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Ko Samui

Lamai Beach

Arrived 15th April. We werent really expecting too much with Koh Samui as we were told beforehand that 'the island is much too built up now and really only designed for rich western package holidayers' and unfortunately they were right. But having said that the beaches were cool and we managed to stumble across a Tesco out there selling much the same things as back home which sad as it may sound brought a bit of normality and a reminder of home for us.

Unfortunately the weather was not good for half of the time whilst we were there so we spent it either in our bungalow or on the back of a moped.

Like i said there wasnt too much else to do apart from eating, sleeping and drinking which we did at a foam party at Lamai Beach

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Ko Pha Ngan

Srithanu Beach - Central West Coast

Bungalow qu'on a loue pendant une semaine

Vue du bungalow

James et moi avec des copains de travail


Ko Phan Ngan is known for its party scene and no more so than the Full Moon Party, which is the main reason for us to come to Ko Pha Ngan.

We arrived a few days before and are staying up the coast in a bungalow on Srithanu Beach.

We met up with Servanes mates who we met on a beach in Had Yao and we then spent the night in Had Rin 2 days before the full moon drinking buckets and getting in the mood.





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